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I’m a full-time writer, sometimes baker, and not enough time runner.

I love to read, bake, write, eat and entertain.

I have incredible friends.

I work for a life-changing company.

And I’m glad you’re here!

Visit my other blog for more non-food related writing 🙂


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  1. I love your site!! I’m going to try the lemon cake.

  2. Awesome ideas and recipes! And then imagine my surprise to see that you’re in Colorado–I just moved here a few days ago! Whereabouts?

  3. Temporarily in Denver…checking out a bunch of different places around here to decide where to “land”. E-mail me if you wanna chat! (I’m a food/cooking nerd and my biggest concern moving out here was adjusting to the “high altitude” baking!!!

  4. Awesome site! I absolutly Love to cook and baking is def one of my favorite things, I’m going to try your white chocolate cranberry cookies today… Wish me Luck I just remodeled my kitchen and have a brand new convection oven that kind of scares me. Let see how it works out.

  5. Brandy, at least I think your name is Brandy ‘cuz I went to your other blog and found your entry about the wine and painting class…

    Well, I can’t imagine why you would think no one is looking at your food blog anymore. I think it is fabulous!!! I stumbled on it by googling “lemon cake” and there it was. You’ve got talent. You write well–and very funny too. Your pictures are great and the recipes look delicious. I have a TON of lemons and printed the lemon cake recipe as a ‘to do tomorrow’ project. Keep it up. I will bookmark your blog along with some of my other cooking blogs: 101Cookbooks and Savory Sweet Life.

  6. I’m going to try your Lemon Cake. Can this be used to make a layered cake that would be decorated with fondant? This recipe sounds so yummy. The Birthday Girl I’m making it for Loves everything Lemon. = )


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