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Stuffed Mushrooms

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So, I’m not a big mushroom fan. Don’t care for the texture. But recently, I signed up to be a test cook for America’s Test Kitchen (who just so happens is responsible for my favorite cookbook!) It’s a volunteer position, but I love it. I get to try new recipes, and they’re good. But my first recipe was for stuffed mushrooms. Did I mention I’m not a big fan of mushrooms? But aren’t they pretty. So nice and earthy!

So, I don’t think I’m supposed to actually post the complete recipe on here. I might get in trouble. But, I think you can figure it out. If you’re really that interested. And from what my taste testers at work told me, you should be interested. Because, apparently, these are yummy.

Man mushrooms are fun to photograph!

So anyway, step 1, you make your own breadcrumbs. Have you ever made your own breadcrumbs? Because if not, you totally should. So easy! You just tear some bread into quarters and toss them in the food processor. Like my new food processor? It’s fun!

Look how pretty they are.

They you dump your bread in with some butter and stir stir stir. Until it’s nice and golden toasty brown. Look how fast I was stirring. Like a blur. I’m like Super Cook.

Oh, but be careful. You could melt your spatula.

So while you’re melting kitchenware, you should have also put some of your cored mushrooms in the oven to roast. Then you take a few and chop them up and let them sautee in some oil. In that same oil, you sautee some pancetta and some onions and garlic. Eventually, you dump it all together with some sherry, cream, and cheese. I didn’t take pictures of those steps. It’s hard to take pictures while you’re cooking. I need a whole other set of hands for this stuff.

Okay, so here are the mushrooms I was roasting. Before I put them in, I cut some slits on the tops of the mushrooms. Then, I roasted them gill side- up for a few minutes, then flipped and roasted a little longer. I forgot to turn the pan halfway through, so half were a little more done then they should have been. Oh, and these look kind of weird. Like hamburgers. Or potatoes. Not sure which.

Oh, I forgot to mention, when you’re stirring all the filling stuff in, you add some fresh thyme and parsley. I threw my thyme stems on a plate with some too-big pieces of onion, and I thought it was darn pretty! So I took a picture. And almost burned my mushrooms in the meantime. Then I set off my smoke alarm. Oops.

Stuff your roasted mushrooms with the filling. Then, sprinkle with those yummy bread crumbs you made. Broil ’em for a few minutes.

Then, I boxed ’em up, and took them into the office. And became an instant favorite with my friends. They already loved me, but now they REALLY love me! And if you have questions about the specifics of this recipe, feel free to contact me. I just can’t post the whole recipe online! Enjoy!


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  1. Hi! I just saw your Test Recipe for the stuffed mushrooms. Would you be able to e-mail me the recipe? They look yummy!!!


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